Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don't like christianity   by Roger Wolsey

published January, 11 2011

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Table of Contents




Foreword  Don E. Messer






Section I


Chapter 1              My Spiritual Journey


Chapter 2              Two Ways


Chapter 3             God: Big Guy in the Sky?


Chapter 4             Jesus: Wanted Dead or Alive


Chapter 5             Humans, Sin & Morality


Chapter 6             Salvation: When & Where? And What’s up with all the Blood?


Chapter 7             Heaven & Hell  & what about all those other religions?


Chapter 8             The Bible: Book of Science, Rules, Facts, Myths, or Life?


Chapter 9             Evil & Theodicy: The God Problem


Chapter 10             The End or is it?


Section II


Chapter 11             The Heart of the Matter: Love in Action


Chapter 12             Progressive Christian Spiritual Practices: The Push-Ups of Love


Chapter 13             Peace & Justice: Creating Beloved Community




Appendix I             A Progressive Christian Easter Sermon


Appendix II              Progressive Christian Beliefs


Appendix III Progressive & Conservative Christianity Typology Chart


Appendix IV  Which World would you rather live in?


Appendix V             Ways to Pray           


Appendix VI Civil Religion: A common concern


Appendix VII             Progressive Christian Organizations & Resources


Appendix VIII Progressive Christian Books


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